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Scientific name:  Buteo buteo

Size:  Approx. 55cm tall.  Wingspan approx. 130cm

Distribution:  Found in most parts of the U.K.  Mainly a winter visitor to eastern counties

Months seen:  All year

Habitat:  Moorland, farmland, hilly countryside and woodlands adjacent to open fields

Food:  Mice, voles, birds, rabbits and invertebrates

Special features:  Buzzards are large, broad birds of prey.   In summertime they can often be seen circling high in the sky on thermals.  They can also be found perching on telephone poles and fence posts.  In winter they can sometimes be seen standing in fields watching for field mice or invertebrates.

Buzzards have blunt wing tips, and brown plumage which is very variable in shade and pattern.  Some Buzzards, especially juveniles, can be mostly white with brown patches.  The legs and talons are yellow.

Buzzards are able to catch and kill quite large prey items relative to their size.  They will also take small prey such as beetles and earthworms.

Buzzards have a distinctive "pee-o" call.

Because they are quite a large bird of prey buzzards are often mistaken for Golden Eagles.  In some parts of Scotland buzzards are affectionately called 'tourist eagles' because some visitors get the two species confused.

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